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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Tall Girl Treat: Super Summer Wedges

First things first. GOOD NEWS! Tall Girl Treat is now going to be a fortnightly column, alternating with Gemma's Plus Size Picks. With this in mind, if there is anything you would like me to hunt down for you, be it occasion wear, knickers or a particular sort of shoe, give me a shout in the comments or on Twitter - I'm @katbrown82.

Today is all about wedges. It's taken years for me to get on board with wearing heels or anything that gives me added height, but sod it. The other week I had the great joy of attending the launch of Upper Street's 9/10 club, for women with size 9 and 10 feet and it was brilliant (join! It's free and you get stuff!). 
Shoes and booze at Upper Street!
There were lots of tall women wearing everything from flats to skyscraper stilettoes. Unsurprisingly, I am also in the picture captioned "Opium dim sum was enjoyed by guests". Dim sum noms.
Poetic Choice Bow Tied, £69.99 (sizes 3.5 to 9)
Anyway - once I got the hang of heels I decided to go full-crazy and try wedges. I shouldn't, right? I'm 6'1 already. Who needs a platform and another heel. Um, all of us. These are ridiculously comfortable, look fabulous and provided you don't fall over in the middle of Borough High Street by tripping on a paving stone, make you look dead graceful and that.

My first pair were a gorgeous set of coral peeptoe slingbacks from New Look. I'm a big fan of New Look wedges; they're cheap so you can wreck them over a summer without crying, and always very cheerful. I love a peeptoe too - I don't like my feet feeling squashed, and this way you can show off some nice polish. This pair are quite similar for summer:
New Look coral wide fit espadrille sandal, £19.99 (sizes 3 to 9)
Evans green high espadrille wedges, £35 (sizes 4 to 10 extra wide)
One for women with particularly wide feet, Evans do these fantastic wedges in my beloved coral, but this green is great too.

Franco Sarto red Olympia, £95 (sizes 8, 9, 11 remaining)

I really absolutely love these red wedges from Long Tall Sally! Lovely buttery leather and that swish back almost - almost - makes them worth £95. Snap up the last few pairs in size 8, 9 and 11, and you can get them in black in 8 and 11 only.

Clarks Scent Flower Red Combi Sandal, £44.99 (sizes 3 to 9)
And as ever, Clarks are doing sterling work in summer shoes. I love this pair, although T-bars of any kind make me look like a spinster teacher - I just can't pull them off.

Aldo Hazinski wedge, £65 ( sizes 3 to 9.5)
If you want to go MASSIVELY over the top, then go to Aldo, whose enormous skyscraper wedges go up to a 9.5. Disappointingly, there's not much round in a 10 upwards at present - and apologies to those with size 11s and up. I've had a really thorough trawl but very few of my usual UK shops have turned up a wedge.

If you're not in the mood for a massive wedge (and admittedly, doorways do pose a slight challenge) then try a mini wedge. For anyone used to massacring their feet with ballet flats, the added heel support will feel like you're walking on clouds.
Evans black peeptoe shoes, £35 (sizes 4 wide to 10 extra wide)
Adore the lining on these stylish peeptoe wedges from Evans - they come in two widths and go up to a 10. Sweet.

Long Tall Sally striped closed toe espadrille, £50 (sizes 7 to 11)
 Stripes - yes! Ropeyness! Yes! (Without being actually ropey)
Next Low rope wedges, £26 (sizes 3 to 9)
I love the ropey espadrille sort of wedge - very summery. And with a peeptoe and stripe, I'm all set.
Clarks Shimmer Mist Black Patent Sandal, £49.99 (sizes 3 to 9)
Another pair from Clarks, these ones are glam for evening, but also enormously comfortable for evening when you'd rather be kicking your shoes off under a table.

Epic cheapo beauty tip!

If you're looking at slingbacks thinking "But the backs of my feet are like prehistoric VOLCANOES!"get some olive oil and sugar out of the cupboard and give them a good scrub. Smooth, soft feet are yours. And a messy bathtub.


  1. Thanks for this amazing blog, I like the comfort of knowing I am not alone with my size 9's!

  2. Wedges are one of the best inventions EVER! They're so much more comfortable than "thin heeled" shoes. Quite a snazzy selection you've come up with! Now I'm in the mood to shoe shop.


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