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Thursday 11 April 2013

Something Old, Something New: Dotty Delights

When it comes to patterns, the humble polka dot is right up there with the stripe in terms of being perennial fashion favourite. That means when the dot polkas back into fashion again - like at the moment - there's plenty of vintage originals to pick from: whether you're looking for a 60s mod number, a 70s day dress or a full-on 80s spotty prom dress. Those gorgeous full-skirted 1950s numbers are harder to come by (though I have managed to find one, if you hold tight) but there are a huge variety of repro styles to pick from: try Vivien of Holloway or Dollydagger for starters.

So, with further ado, let's play my favourite game: Spot the difference between the vintage numbers and the high street designs...

If you guessed the one on the left is the high street number, you can give yourself a pat on the back, that's correct! But it's likely you could have a very chilly back, as this Jolie Moi number has a sexy opening running down it. No such twists in the 1960s number on the right - instead you get a classic dress in a very vintage shade of duck egg blue.

Bargain of the week: The utterly delightful 1970s Peter Pan blouse on the left is only £5. Snap it up if you're a size 12. In fact, you might well find I've already gone and snapped it up for myself. If I have, you can console yourself with this Red Herring number, still achieving a Minnie Mouse level of cuteness for less than £30. If you fancy a fancy new polka dot skirt to go with your blouse, Jannes Vintage has a fab one for £44, or the Miss Selfridges Prom skirt is only £10, making it the second best bargain of the week.

The Juno Says Hello dress on the right is a classic example of 80s fashion mimicking 50s designs.  So presumably the TFNC dress on the left is 2013 does 80s does 50s? All very confusing. Two dressy dot dresses but there's a £100 price difference between the designs. What do you get for the extra money? A nicer material for starters - chiffon to the TFNC's polyester. And you get the rest of the skirt, obviously. 

The dress on the left is my absolute favourite dress of the week: an original 1950s dotty number. The silky material and large black spots still make it look completely fresh, especially when shown next to something contemporary like the ASOS Skater dress on the right. You may also have noticed that both dresses also seemingly induce their model into holding their left hand out at a winsome angle.

Finally time to play X marks the spot with two saucier numbers. Reveal a sexy bit of shoulder and sleeve with the knitted Mango number, though you'll need to grab it quick if you want it, as it's almost out of stock. There's just one of the 1960s 'Don't Wait Up' dress available which makes it even more special. It's not quite as revealing as you might think either - there's a nude bodice under there too. Wear either of them out and it'll be enough to send your suitors, well, dotty. Of course.

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