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Tuesday 23 April 2013

Just Desserts Round-Up: Fred & Ginger

It's time for another Just Desserts round-up, when we reveal all the marvellous recipes you've been coming up with for us. The theme was Fred and Ginger, and thankfully you all went easy on the "fred" and heavy on the "ginger". We've all needed a fiery spice to keep us going through the endless winter, although you could happily bake these any time of year.

High Tea Cast gave us a fabulous interpretation of the theme with a Fred and Ginger cake. Their fudge cake comes with a chocolate ganache "suit" and a buttercream ruffle "dress". And the whole thing is sandwiched together with a double whammy of ginger preserve and ginger buttercream *holds out plate for seconds*

Over on Bread and Fruit, we have a delicious looking ginger malt loaf. Who knew you could make Soreen? Packed full of fruit, black tea and malt syrup, it's basically a health food.

Deciding that every Ginger needs her Fred, Cake Snobs have paired the spice with chocolate to make these chocolate ginger sandwiches. "They taste better the next day," they say, mistaking us for people who don't devour all our freshly baked biscuits while they're still hot. Our ginger nuts are the same. Ginger is strange.

How can you not fall in love with a recipe that tells you what to do if you've forgotten to add the chopped nuts to the batter once your ginger, date and walnut cake is in the oven? We'll be whipping up this easy recipe from Little Macaroon ASAP.

Bella and Will gave us perfect ginger biscuits - crumbly and chewy at the same time. Have a look at the recipe, it features a 14-year-old Bella's hand-written recipe notes.

As for us, we love ginger so much that we showed you our top ten ginger recipes recently. We've done even more since then - check out Laura B's whisky mac ginger Cake and Hazel's amazing boozy rhubarb and ginger trifle. Turns out we think alcohol + ginger = pudding perfection. Even Sian's lemon and ginger cheesecake was enhanced by tipsy party guests.

Our next theme is SUNSHINE CITRUS. It's finally summer, so knock us off our feet with some zingy flavours (and if you want to include strawberries, that's fine with us. We love strawberries).

Want to get involved? Check out the Just Desserts guidelines, and make sure you link back to this post to spread the word. Tell us when you've posted your recipe so we can share it, and use the hashtag #JustDesserts on Twitter so we can tweet your post.


  1. I WANT THEM ALL. I think the cake with the ruffles is my favourite.

    1. The ruffles are awesome. I'm wishing I had some of those chocolate ginger sandwiches to eat with my lunch RIGHT NOW.

    2. Note to Frances: they're not actual sandwiches.

    3. They're all so brilliant. And *cough* I cleverly omitted the deadline for the next round-up - this was, of course, an intelligence test. If you're reading this, you've discovered it's 17 June. Ish.

    4. I suggested this theme and I have no idea what to make.

  2. Sigh. I wish my sandwiches were made of chocolate and ginger.


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