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Thursday 11 April 2013

Top Ten Rhubarb Recipes

Rhubarb, the prettily pink and satisfyingly sharp stem that we can't help but adore. It's the main ingredient in all of the most comforting desserts, from crumbles to cakes and it even works in savoury dishes. If you're feeling the love for rhubarb we have loads of suggestions for how to eat it.

Short of eating the stuff raw, rhubarb fool is an easy way to get your fix as quickly as possible, or try pairing it with stem ginger

While we're on the subject, rhubarb and ginger are possibly the best partnership since Ant and Dec and what better way to celebrate that than with a trifle? A rhubarb and ginger martini, you say? Yes, please! Perfect if you want to be inspired by our latest Just Desserts club.

Before custard starts to feel a bit jealous at all the fuss we've making about ginger, we should probably take a moment to consider that it's a brilliant partner to rhubarb, too. For a twist on the traditional rhubarb and custard, try baking a clafoutis. If you're feeling nostalgic for those rhubarb and custard sweets you used to eat on car journeys as a child (I used to crunch mine in attempt to get more than my share, it never worked), we've got a grown up version, rhubarb and custard vodka. (Not for use on car journeys, especially if you're driving.)

If you haven't tried it in a cake yet, a rhubarb almond cake is a great place to start. A cross between rice pudding and cake, rhubarb and orange rice cake is one of the most comforting thing to ever come out of your oven. As if that's not enough, both cakes are naturally gluten free.

Rhubarb is in season for most of the year, but just in case you have a craving and your greengrocer is shut it's a good idea to preserve some. Jam is a good choice, ours is paired with strawberries for a taste of summer (remember summer?) all year. If jam sounds too daunting, try a rhubarb syrup to use in cocktails or to pour over ice-cream and cakes.

I did say it's good in savoury dishes, too, right? If you haven't tried rhubarb in anything but dessert, I'm sure we can change your mind with some duck summer rolls with rhubarb and ginger. You might never pair duck with plums again.

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  1. I made Rhubarb GIN (based on a sloe gin recipe) - details here: it's absolutely delicious too - drank as a liquor.


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