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Monday 22 April 2013

Sluttery Fantasy: Storage Animals

"Where do you keep the plates?"
"In the storage cow."

Oh my goodness I want a storage cow so much. This is the best kind of storage. All other cabinets will soon become extinct obsolete.

Except for the storage pig! Oh, he's just the best storage pig there ever was. He's got magazines in his legs! He's wearing a candle-holder as a hat! And yes, if you look closely, there does appear to be a rather phallic object on one of his shelves. Amazing styling choice.

Awww, poor storage goose doesn't have any sex toys on his shelves.

You can buy all of these from Out There Interiors (sex toys sold separately). Prices start at £695, with the amazing storage cow costs a whopping £3750. I'm heartbroken. I totally had my heart set on a storage cow for the kitchen.


  1. I have never lusted after a cow before. And now I do. That is *amazing*.

    1. I want the cow so much.

      Other suggestions for storage animals have included a hippo footstool, a storage horse and a giraffe shelf.

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