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Thursday 18 April 2013

Sluttery Fantasy! YOY's Paintings You Can Sit In

Hold the phones Alice!

Milan Design Week turns out some eye-popping creations every year, but these chairs-cum-art installations from the Japanese YOY design studio went so gloriously past the point of creativity that they had my jaw hanging loosely somewhere around my knees.

It's art you lean against the wall - and then sit in. This is due to the canvas being made out of elastic, rather than magic, but as far as I'm concerned any painting that I sit in is purest Harry Potter and two steps from my turning into Dawn French and asking people for passwords.
Given half the chance, I usually loll like a fallen corpse on any sofa which I don't think would work here. I quite fancy the armchair in the middle. Although it would be ace offering people the dining chair to sit in and watching them calmly pity my mental state.

"Oh me? I'm just casually hanging out, in my art. Yeah, my art."
What do you reckon? Fancy making one yourself? I'm always open for dinner invitations where I will be sitting in a painting.


  1. I've looked at these photos for whole minutes (21st century attention span) and I still don't understand. At all.


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