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Thursday 25 April 2013

Top Ten Custard Recipes

All of life's crap is improved when it's smothered in custard. Even a trip to Ikea. Even your self-assessment. Almost certainly that bloke in the office who isn't very nice to you.* But custard isn't just for winter. Oh no. It's very much an all year round thing. Here are our top ten custard recipes.

Ticking ALL of our boxes is this rhubarb and ginger trifle. It's in season, it fits in very nicely with our most recent Just Desserts theme and well, just look at it. It's not the only trifle recipe we've gone for recently. You could also choose a boozy chocolate fudge trifle, or a boozy pina colada trifle. Look, booze and custard work a treat together, don't try and fight it.

No really, don't try and fight it. Make rhubarb and custard vodka instead.

Or you could make whisky chocolate custard instead. I really had no idea when I started compiling these recipes that they would make us look like we have a booze/custard problem. Here's some normal, brilliant homemade vanilla custard that will quickly dispel that myth (right?) If you happen to have some leftover (wait, what?) then you can turn it into boozy chocolate mousse, or give these chocolate sex pots a try.

Crème brûlée! You can't write about custard and not have crème brûlée. If left to my own devices, I'd totally crack your sugary top. Then you wouldn't invite my over for tea again.

You should probably give this crepe cake a try as well (creme pattisiere is basically posh custard). If you're still not done with the whole rhubarb and custard thing, then clafoutis is the answer.  Or...

Roobarb and Custard!

Time for some ice cream now. Yep, most ice cream starts off as custard first (and waiting for it to cool is a total bore). We've got two brilliant recipes - a chocolate ice cream or a gorgeous gluten free pumpkin ice cream.

And of course, we couldn't do a custard round up without a custard tart. This one is even gluten free. If you want even more custard inspiration, check out our recent Fighting For Custardy Just Desserts round up. Puns and recipes aplenty.

*Don't try these at home, kids. We're fibbing.

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