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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Bespoke Clothes from Mood By Me

You know when there's a specific thing that you want, and you can see it perfectly in your mind, but the shops are full of dowdy jumpers and you're all, "where is my red cashmere v-neck cardigan with white star buttons and a contrast trim and tiny pockets?" I'll tell you where: at Mood By Me, which lets you customise everything from trench coats to ballet flats. And cardigans. Observe:

Choose your item from the main Mood By Me menu, then get customising. You can change so many tiny details - with shoes, for instance, you can change the colour, style, toecap, seams, laces, and sole. They have a sole suitable for walking and another for dancing. Brilliant. Here are my dancing brogues:

Customising your own shirt is deeply satisfying. Pick the fit, colour, collar size, contrast print on the collar and cuffs and much more. We live in a world where you can choose the type of button holes you want, people. Button holes.

You don't just select your size, you customise your measurements to make sure your new clothes fit perfectly. You'll have an exciting parcel in the post three weeks after your order, and then you've got 100 days to return it if you're not happy.

Mood By Me isn't cheap, but possibly not as expensive as you'd expect. That cardigan is £136 and the shoes are £107. Cotton shirts start at £66 and silk one are from £110. Prices vary depending on how you customise them. You're not going to update your entire wardrobe at Mood By Me, but if there's a certain item of clothing you desperately desire but can't find in the shops, it's a brilliantly fun and easy way of realising your heart's desire.

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