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Monday 22 April 2013

Sluttery by Post: Jangneus Dishcloths and Tea Towels

Dishcloths. Not something I ever thought I'd get excited about... but that was before I discovered Jangneus, purveyors of Swedish dish-washing paraphernalia. Of course doing the washing-up is a more stylish affair in Sweden. Duh.


Don't tell me these dishcloths don't thrill you. I refuse to believe it.

Sign up for a Jangneus dishcloth subscription and you'll get a new, colourful cloth in the post every month. You can even specify which colour scheme you'd like, so that it goes with your kitchen (or sod interior design and just go for your favourite, or - gasp - a mixture of colours). 

Obviously I'm favouring yellow. A dishcloth subscription is £35 for a year's worth of rainbow-hued washing-up. As well as making a boring chore more FUN, the arrival of a new cloth each month will make you throw away the old one. Go and have a look at your dishcloth. It's quite manky, isn't it? Boak. All Jangneus dishcloths are biodegradable, so you can throw them on the compost heap when they're too grotty to go on. 

You can get your mitts on a quarterly tea towel subscription, too. You'll get a tea towel and three dishcloths through your letterbox every three months. It's £55 for a year. 

If you're buying a dishcloth or tea towel subscription as a gift (is it strange that I know a great many people who'd love getting dishcloths as a present?), Jangneus will prettily gift-wrap the first cloth and include a message from you. But everyone else can bugger off. I'm getting these for myself.

Now, where are my rubber gloves?


  1. They are fabulous. A cheaper version is Sarah Smith patterned eco cloths (packs sold in supermarkets). I wash them in the washing machine too.


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