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Tuesday 16 April 2013

Go Cor! for Coral

After flamingos, palm trees and pineapples, coral seems to be having its moment in the sun as the tropical trend of the day. I'm not sure how this trend started - I do know I've seen this Tibi coral printed dress and the wallpaper shown above - Coralie from Osborne & Little - being pinned all over the place. With the dress priced at £373 and the paper at £49 a roll from Wallpaper Direct, I decided to look for some more purse friendly alternatives.

Zara Home seems to be the natural high street destination for coral lovers. They've got coral-themed EVERYTHING: from very pretty towels to slightly bonkers salad servers. I love this simple picture frame. It's perfect for displaying your holiday snaps and only £15.99.

Anthropologie has also been looking to the great deep for inspiration. Let's pass over their £118 shower curtain, as only a crazy person would pay that much for a shower curtain, no matter how much they liked coral. This coral-shaped door knob is a slightly more sensible option. At £8 each, you could use them to jazz up a bathroom cabinet or a chest of drawers.

If you are on a mission to prettify, Dwell's coral jewellery holder will display all your trinkets in style, though it looks quite good as an unadorned ornament too. It's currently reduced to £20.

For some genuine coral-based art, this Blue Sea Coral print, available through Bouf, is gorgeous. It's printed onto a page from a not-fit-for-it's-original-purpose-but-still-quite-loveable vintage dictionary page, giving the design something of an authoritative air. It's quite a bargain too priced at only £9.

The intricacies of coral have inspired this metal sculptural bowl taken from the Rocha.John Rocha collection at Debenhams. It's also on sale at the moment and can be yours for £36.80.

See, costs don't have to be a Great Barrier to creating your own coral reef...


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    1. It's gorgeous isn't it? I'd love to put this in my Bloomsbury Townhouse (Lottery win permitting).


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