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Wednesday 10 April 2013

Garudio Studiage

I was having a chat about interiors at choir last night - wait, let me revise that sentence, it doesn't sound middle class enough - and the subject of Mini Moderns (a Domestic Sluttery fave) came up. I've got to know my Camberwell neighbourhood fairly well over the last 18 months, so the fact that there was a FANTASTIC company nestled here that I'd missed entirely was brilliant.

But while you might know all about the magical world of the MM, my personal favourite lurks a little further down the road in Peckham. Garudio Studiage is a hilarious art collective with their tongue firmly in cheek who design everything from cheese sarnie necklaces to dartboards, screen prints and tea towels, mostly with a London slant. I love them. Their Lucky Skip came to the Camberwell Urban Farmer's Market (I know)  a while ago and I got a Judy annual and a brooch. Score!

These cat nap pillowcases are too cute. I can't even begin to imagine how affronted Ambridge would be if I brought these home. They're £20 the pair.
This is such a lovely idea - the You Are Here brooch (£12) comes with a little magnet which you can move around to show where you are. I mean, hopefully you'll know where you are, but still.

Their pop star chart tea towel is a thing of beauty, right up there with Modern Toss's Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing. Seriously, click and open the full thing and spend five minutes in hopeless giggles. It's £10.

This Peckham necklace is perfect for the Peckham-liver, or lover, in your life. (It is pretty much already the new Dalston, according to Vice. And if you haven't read that article, do, it's hilarious). It comes on an 18 carat plated gold chain for added class and comes with its tongue firmly jammed into its cheek. "Made in London's Tropical South Eastern Hemisphere" indeed - it's £22.
I simply cannot believe someone didn't put a feral pigeon or a crack eating grey squirrel onto a tea towel before. This Wildlife of London one costs £8 and comes in red or blue.

As someone who was born in south London and has only lived north of the river once (and Bow hardly counts) this t-shirt is brilliant. Especially good for when your north London friends are busy expressing horror at having to "come south" (ie, go to the South Bank for brunch.) It's £18.

I absolutely adore Anna Wade's Dogs of London series - you can buy it as a book - and this is my favourite of her prints. A lovely Afghan Hound for Knightsbridge, at £60. You can also get a full Dogs of London map print for £125 (A1) or £250 (A0 size).


  1. Oh, the popstar chart. Oh, MC Hammer having his own star. I want it.

  2. It's just all brilliant. If I had any more wall/money left, that enormous DOL print would be it.

    1. Oh GOD, the My Little Pony prints on the same page!

  3. Amazing. This is basically all my presents for the next year for all my South London dwelling friends sorted. (I don't actually have any friends who live in North London, oh no.)

  4. I love those kitty pillows..too cute!

  5. just bought the cat pillowcases cat who died last month used to sleep on the pillow in exactly the same way.


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