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Friday 23 October 2009

Anthropologie London - The homeware

The opening of Anthropologie in London has been eagerly awaited. Not eager to the extent that the Domestic Sluts were queuing up outside (this is no S Club 7 reunion or anything) but we were looking forward to taking a trip down there and see if was just as brilliant as we'd imagined.

But really, all you want to see is what it looks like, right? Luckily, they didn't mind me snapping my way around the shop:

Look! Pretty boxes that you don't really need!

This is such pretty bed linen. You could curl up all winter in this.

I want tea in these cups. Lovely.

I played with the coat hooks and spelled "Sluttery". Don't worry, I put them all back afterwards. People thought I was weird.

Love these scientific measuring jugs. Don't use them for measuring! Put flowers in them!

This is my favourite thing. I thought it was just a little Russian Doll, but look! It's measuring cups! All stacked together. Genius.

We're not done yet! So much more lovely stuff to see later this afternoon...


  1. More to follow this afternoon, promise!

  2. No it's not expensive - I was in the Santa Monica store last week (as you do!), and the prices have been matched dollar to pound, unlike a lot of other US brands that are over here...! Yippee, shoppiiiing :D

  3. so jealous. i'm pretty sure anthropologie is my spiritual home!

  4. I loved the russian doll measuring cups too - did a blog post on them and anthropologie myself :)

  5. The pricing is weird. The Russian Doll measuring cups were £28, but dresses are hundreds. Hats are creeping up to £50. Really ugly artwork is hundreds.

    My worry is that you'll end up buying something cheap, just because it's under a tenner - not necessarily because you love it. It's just a relief to find something nice that won't cost three weeks rent.

  6. Siany, that's very strange - the website says the Russian dolls are £17.77 - and I paid $28 for mine last week, hence me saying the prices were matched dollar to pound. Do you think they left the dollar sign on the prices??

  7. Wow - the prices on the website are actually reasonable. But they were definitely £ signs. If they haven't converted their prices (and looking at the rest of the stuff it appears they haven't) that's a very serious mistake.

    I'll investigate this weekend.

  8. Detective Siany on the case...!! :D

  9. oooh... I would really love to have those cushions for on my settee... and one of those boxes I'm sure I can find a use for... and the measuring cups, ofcourse. Though I'd probable just buy 1, small cushion. Oh, what the hell - and the russian dolls.

    Yes, Anthro is expensive. I've been there in the US and always left with less than I would have liked to (not always because of price but also because their clothes are weird sizes sometimes - for people a lot shorter than I am!). But when I go in I know it's going to be expensive, so I just treat myself to one or two items I really like. I always manage to find something that is cheaper than the stuff I like at Liberties... (still saving for that Tibetan tiger rug...)


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