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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Domestic Sluttery wants your furnture!

When I wrote about that stunning chest of drawers yesterday, a few of you pointed out that you could quite easily find an old chest of drawers and paint it yourself. And you could be right. So I had an idea. Why don't you send your battered old furniture to Domestic Sluttery HQ and see if the team can do any better?

Now here's the thing, we're not furniture restorers. We're not interior designers and we might mess it up. But I'm curious to see how easy it is. After all, it's so easy to say "you could throw a lick of paint on an old table", but is it really that simple? Well, I want to find out.

So here's a furniture call. Send us photos of stuff you don't mind us playing with! Not gigantic stuff - Domestic Sluttery HQ is a shared house and our non-slutty housemates don't want it to look like an episode of Cash in The Attic. We only want to do a couple of pieces, and no, we can't reupholster that giant sofa with expensive vintage fabric. But if you've got a rubbish chair like that one in the photo, email us and we'll see what we can do.

Remember, we've never done this before. We could be rubbish! So don't send us something you really really care about. You're not allowed to be mad if we mess it up! But, if you've got something you don't think you'll use again otherwise, send us a picture and make sure you can deliver it to one of us if we think we can make it shiny (on a budget too! We're thrifty girls!)

We promise to blog doing it up, and hopefully you'll be happy with the results and send us flowers. Or, it'll be a complete disaster like in 60 Minute Makeover and we'll never speak of it again. Let's find out!


  1. I'll have you know that chair is (or was) a design classic!

  2. Yes, is probably was, but I still want to get my mits on it!

  3. Crikey good luck. I have a chest of drawers in pine I have been meaning to paint white. I've already got new knobs (crystal from Bombay Duck) to replace the old ones with. I have all the stuff, I'm just too nervous to start it! Might be too big to send to you though...

  4. Had no idea that the chair in that picture is in the very office I'm sitting in.

    Small world.

  5. What a great idea! I have nothing to send you sadly. I do it all myself (slowly)

  6. We have a lot of boys donating stuff, which is brilliant. Thank everyone!

  7. I mentioned on the chest of drawers post that perhaps battered furniture could be restored and beautified by our own fine selves. And now I see that the wonderful Sluts are going to have a go at some furniture DIY - how absolutely brilliant! I always seem to fall in love with furniture that is depressingly far out of my price range; the Sluts might give women everywhere (including myself) the proof that we CAN get creative with furniture without it turning out to be a disaster. Best of luck ladies...

  8. Thanks Fiona! Well, we've got to give it a go really. Otherwise we'd never know! A little elbow grease, some pretty paints and handles - we'll be well away :)

  9. Oooh I've started doing that with stuff I get free of Craigslist. My tips: sand everything really well and use glossy paint for a nice shine. But best of all, it's fun!


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