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Friday 30 October 2009

Beauty or a beast? The Fly London Yellow Yogi boot

Yes, I know it's confusing - they're called Yellow Yogi boots, but they're not yellow. Actually, they come in a yellowy tan, a cherry red, black, and I have a pair of these fetching green ones.

My Yellow Yogis seem to have split my friends and colleagues down the middle, but I love them.

Here's why:

  1. The design is both retro and slightly sci-fi, as though they're Chelsea boots of the future. If Noel Fielding gets in his camp spaceship and ends up in 3009, these are what he'll put on his feet.

  2. Despite the sloping wedge, the cushioned inner sole and fully rubber heel make them uber-comfortable - you can schlep around London all day without discomfort. Which is especially useful to someone like me, who stands at a mighty 5' nothing in my stockinged feet. It makes a nice change to have some height and not be in stilletto-induced pain.

  3. They look really good with skinny jeans.

  4. The rubber heel also makes them quiet, so there's no risk of distracting others by tap-dancing across the office every time you go to get a coffee.

  5. When I walk down the street in these, I see people checkin' out ma boots and wondering where I bought them (and, no doubt, what I was on when I did).

  6. They really don't look like any other boots out there. Fly London can be a bit hit and miss with their unusual, chunky designs, but I think they've hit the nail on the head here.

They don't look good with skirts. I'll give them that. But ankle boots + skirt is a hard look to pull off anyway! What do you think? Are you for 'em or against 'em? Are they really the Marmite of footwear?

Fly London Yellow Yogi Ankle boot, £89.99 from
and other retailers.


  1. Well, I really dig these. Very cool, remind me of something Peter Pan would wear and I love everything Peter Pan. I'm hitting that link up. Green is fabulous but do like the black as well. Very nice find.

  2. I love em, I'm a huge fan of Chelsea boots anyway and they are like a really cool modern version.

  3. Ooh! I am actually planning to buy these. I love sloping wedges as they are so comfy and add so much of that (in my case much-needed) height. Only reason I didn't was that they'd run out of the black one in Schuh.

    So I hope this ends up being a Yay!

  4. I think I like them in green, but not black - they're too clunky for me in black.

  5. Very cool, especially the green ones. I heart green.


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