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Monday 12 October 2009

Baking for beginners: Wheat-free cupcakes

On a recent jaunt around Brick Lane, I set out on a mission to find the tastiest cupcakes in town. I wasn't expecting to find that my top choice would be wheat-free, but the good news for those with a wheat intolerance or coeliac disease is that neither condition is an obstacle to enjoying a good cupcake - something which we at Domestic Sluttery consider a basic human right.

Served to me be Melanie, who as a self-proclaimed amateur baker does not have a website or sell her delicious cakes on a regular basis, these delightful gluten-free sugar treats were not only beautifully presented but a joy to eat as well. Only marginally drier than a 'normal' cupcake and far moister than some we've sampled, the vanilla cake I went for was tasty and light. So knowing a few wheat-intolerant people I might want to entertain at some point, I went in search of a recipe.

A basic gluten-free cake recipe is as follows: you can tart it up with whatever methods of icing and sugar-based decoration you choose.

You'll need these things:

  • 7 oz butter or margarine
  • 9 oz sugar
  • 4 large free range eggs
  • 8oz Gluten free flour. I would recommend using quinoa flour as it's a good ingredient to add moisture and texture to any cake.
  • 1 heaped tsp gluten-free baking powder
  • ½ tsp vanilla essence
And you'll need to do this with them:

  • Beat butter and sugar in a bowl until light and fluffy
  • Beat in the eggs one at time. (Add a sprinkle of flour if mixture begins to curdle)
  • Fold in remaining flour and baking powder
  • Stir in the vanilla essence
  • Spoon mixture into 18 muffin cases (in muffin tins). Only fill about 2/3 of each muffin case
  • Bake cakes for 15-20 mins in centre of oven (180°C, Gas mark 4). Cakes should be risen and firm to touch
  • Decorate as desired


  1. Awesome - its got to be better than the gluten-free cack they sell in supermarkets...

    Loving the cakestand too!

  2. This is brilliant, thanks for posting it. I'm about 90% certain I'm gluten intolerant (however, I am actually a teeeeeeny bit of a cyberchondriac self-diagnoser... so we'll see what the blood test says) and have been preparing myself to mourn the loss of decent cupcakes in my life. This may just turn my frown upside down. :)

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