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Wednesday 14 October 2009

Glove Love at Do The Green Thing

This morning as I tripped my merry way to the tube station in just my cardigan, I was mad at myself for leaving my beautiful red coat at home. Having left the house the day before (easy) in the afternoon sunshine, I'd forgotten that we're edging towards frost point in the mornings nowadays. And you know what that means. Time for gloves!

Picking the right pair of gloves can be a little traumatic at times. There are just so many. Everywhere. So I was a little excited to hear about Glove Love from the super people over at Do The Green Thing.

This wonderful lot have been spending the first nine months of the year growing something great - indeed, their own glove baby. They've been taking single gloves sent to them by mildly clumsy owners, washing and cleaning them, and then carefully pairing them up to make wonderful mismatched pairs, finished with Green Thing Left and Green Thing Right labels.

Aren't they great? Each pair costs £5 (that's 50p a finger, folks), but if you really like the cause you can donate more. All profits made by Do The Green Thing go straight into their charity, Green Thing Trust. I am looking forward to adding one of these unique pairs to my collection this year. Buy them on the Get Gloves page or contribute to their Glove Story by donating your own single glove.


  1. What a lovely idea! And £5 is a pretty good price for a pair of gloves.

  2. This is such a good idea! I like odd things! (I only ever wear odd socks because I like to wear more colours - and I know I'm not alone).

    Odd gloves!

    Next: Odd shoes... too far?

  3. ooooh! You got the red coat from M&S?

  4. Jenny - yes I did, yes I bloody did! I love it, I am so happy. And now need to get gloves to go with.


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