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Monday 26 October 2009

What's the deal with Anthropologie's Pricing?

A gaggle of Domestic Sluts went down to the Anthropologie grand opening last Friday, and whilst we found lots of rather enchanting things, we weren't as wowed as we'd hoped. But then we stumbled on a another problem. After reading some of your comments, the pricing appears to be all over the shop.

You could pop into Anthropologie and spend anything from £6 - £600. On nothing of any consequence actually. But, when I talked about the pricing in my blog post, a few of you piped up and said I'd got the prices wrong. And at first glance, it looks like you were right.

Because their UK website isn't a UK site at all. It's the US site with cleverly converted prices. If you try and buy stuff from that website, you'll be smacked in the face with the $30 shipping fee that Anthropologie seem so fond of. Oh, and being a US site, they don't show the tax until you get to the checkout. I feel a bit like the wool is being pulled over our eyes. Those of you who haven't been to the shop yet have been browsing the site thinking it's all rather reasonable when it's anything but.

It was merely coincidence that one of our readers, Eleanor, bought her Russian Doll measuring cups for $28 in the US, and they're £28 here, but that gives you a rough idea of the mark up. I'd even go as far to say that if you wanted to buy an awful lot of small things, it might even work out cheaper to buy them online and have them shipped them over.

I'm even less inclined to buy the pretty things now, but don't worry, if we're quoting a price, we'll quote the one in the shop, not the deliberately misleading website.


  1. Anthropologie is overpriced in the US as it is, but I knew when I heard they were coming over here that they'd go to town on the markup. Although to be fair, a lot of the overheads are higher too - tax, staff wages, London rent etc. Luckily my husband is American, so I just wait til we are visiting the in-laws to get my fix...

  2. I expected them to be more expensive over here, of course. But setting up the website to deliberately mislead isn't on. You don't find out you're not on a UK site until the very last minute when you're whacked with a massive delivery charge and taxes - I don't think that's right. There's nothing clear on the website to say that it's the US site. It's deliberately misleading.

  3. Don't worry, no one in the US can afford to shop at Anthropologie either. I literally just go in and lust after things. I've never once purchased anything there.

  4. I expected there to be a mark up, but not to the extent that it was. Some of the prices were just taking the piss compared to what they were on the website. And its not as though it was a certain percentage of mark up, some things were insanely more expensive, and some things were more or less the same.

    Again, being an American living in London with LOADS of Anthro shopping experience, the ones in the US seem to have much more of a selection. Another thing they have: ammmaaazzzing sale sections that are constant and year round. I was a broke student in the US and still managed to always leave Anthro with bags full of goodies.

    I left the London one empty handed. Even the candles were too expensive.

  5. Yep, candles at £30 is too much (and Domestic Slut Alex and I couldn't even find one that we liked the smell of). There's just something not right about the pricing - it's all over the place and the website prices are underhand too. Not impressed, even if I do still want the Russian Doll measuring cups.

  6. FYI, no US website adds the tax in prior to purchase because not all purchases are subject to tax and not all states have the same tax if there is any to be added.

    That said, Anthropologie is way overpriced but purty darn fun to look at!

  7. thanks for your comment Balwearie. I went through the whole buying process on the Anthropologie website and was subjected to tax before buying.

    It might be something that's done in the US but UK buyers aren't used to it - we're used to seeing the price on a website and that being what you pay. The site deliberately looks like it's the UK version - it's not the tax I have the issue with it's that it's hidden. That's my problem.

  8. I think this POST is misleading and somewhat ignorant of the differences between UK and US markets. the mark-up you speak of in the UK is probably not ALL a mark-up for profit but for VAT. not to mention most things in the UK are more expensive than elsewhere in the world so Anthropologie is not some unique retailer trying to rip off customers. in addition, it's quite normal for US tax not to be added until the time of purchase, unlike in the UK where it's included in the price. This is because in the US state and local sales taxes differ dramatically. Yes this is a major oversight on the website. Yes Anthrolopologie is hugely overpriced. But they aren't doing anything different that other retailers who market across the world

  9. I really don't understand your post. On the site, it clearly says that the shop is from the US store and taxes/shipping will be added. their european online store isn't opening until spring 2010. not to mention on the .com site it says ON THE HOMEPAGE:
    "Our goal is to make shopping for our international customers as easy as could be. Simply select your country and currency below. At checkout, your order total will include all shipping fees, customs tariffs and taxes. This total is guaranteed at the exchange rate indexed. Rest assured, you will not be charged any additional fees at delivery."

    It's really nasty to publish a post like this just because you didn't notice this!!

  10. It's not just us who've found this with the site - we've had a lot of comments and emails about the site and how misleading it is.

    As I said in my post, we'll make sure we're quoting the price in the UK shop, rather than the US website - because the two are clearly very different.

  11. I just went in to the Regent St store on Sunday... hmm pricey is a little understatement. I'm left divided on it all to be honest:


  12. No matter what it says on the website, the point is is that it is actually cheaper to purchase something on the US website and pay for the tax + shipping, than it is to go into the Regent Street store. So why even bother going to the store?

    They also seemed to have managed to take a lot of space, and not fill it very well. Really lacking in selection.

    I just look forward to visiting my old stomping ground Anthros when I head back to the US! mmmm anthro sale section...drool...


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