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Wednesday 28 October 2009

Our New Domestic Sluts

Wow, we got such a good response to the ad looking for a new Domestic Slut, we had to hire two! Things are going to be getting very busy around here! Time to meet the new sluts!

First up is Gail Haslam, who in her own words is a freelance writer and editor who loves antlers, cake eye-liner, typography and corsetry. If not writing, then she’s probably ‘making stuff’ out of fabric, beads or yarn. Favourite drinks ideally involve caffeine and funny shaped containers – ideally tiny cups of coffee or espresso martinis.

You can expect a few more crafty posts popping up on the site as well as finding out where on earth she got that gigantic cocktail from.

And you can follow her on twitter - she's @1mgoldstars.

Our other Domestic Slut is Natalie Wall. By day she's busy blogging and doing for social media things for ASOS. She's a big fan of faded patriotic bunting, ritzy glitzy chandeliers, scones with jam and lashings of clotted cream, old VW Beetles and Polaroid pictures.

If you suddenly spot cute little vintage things all over the place, you'll know how to thank. We're also going to get her to teach us how to do funky eyeliner like in that photo to the right.

Want to follow Natalie on Twitter? She's @ASOS_nat.

Say hello to the new sluts everyone!


  1. Woo, welcome both!

    I can attest to the awesomeness of that particular cocktail (I took the photo...) as well. Not that by rights memory should actually serve me AT ALL (but it was yum).

    We're infiltrating and taking over ;)

  2. Welcome both.

    Make me spend more money.

  3. Hello both! Look forward to your sluttage.

  4. Welcome and welcome and hooray! xo


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