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Thursday 15 October 2009

Celia Birtwell Flask at Colloco

I love autumn, it's all pretty colours and just a little bit shivery. It's the perfect season for taking brisk walks and wrapping up warm while your ears get a bit cold. It's fun. And kicking leaves about is lots of fun indeed. Autumn is my favourite season.

But it's getting cold, isn't it? Yeah a brisk walk is all well and good, but you need something at the end to warm your toes again. So next time I decide to venture out for a long walk (in about ten minutes), I'm going to take this Pretty Woman flask with me. It's been designed by Celia Birtwell and you can buy it at Colloco for £15.95. You can decide for yourselves whether or not I put herbal tea or Irish coffee in it.


  1. This thermos is so sweet. Celia Birtwell creates the best patterns. I would fill it with coffee, steamed milk and caramel syrup... yum.


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