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Monday 19 October 2009

Win! Mums Who Bake Cake Decorating Classes

Hooray! More winning! We're so excited about this competition from Mums Who Bake. They're giving away a pair of cupcake decorating classes for their class this Saturday 24th October! Yay! So if you feel like being spontaneous and getting some crafty cupcake classes done then enter our contest. You'll be able to make cute little caterpillar cupcakes like the ones you can see in the photo! Yay! Mums Who Bake are fab, and we've written about them before. They're perfect for buying all your baking goodies and chatting about recipes with other lovely people.

So what do you have to do to spend the day with them? Just tell us in the comments what kind of cupcakes you'd decorate! Would you make little kitten cakes? Or frogs? Or polka dots? Tell us what you'd pop on your cakes to be in with a chance of winning. We'll get totally excited by all your ideas but will draw the winner at random so you'll get an extra entry for retweeting and spreading the word. Only once though, don't get told off for spamming your friends.

You've got until Wednesday 21st October at 4pm to get your entries to us, and you must be able to get to Milton Keynes on Saturday (regular trains from London and Birmingham, fact fans). Mums Who Bake HQ is a ten minute cab ride from the station and the class starts at 10am. So you might have an early start, but by 1pm you'll have lots of yummy cakes to take home and eat. The class is worth £35 and the winner gets to take someone along as well. If you want to take one of us, we wouldn't say no...

Good luck everyone!

The small print: Competition closes at 4pm on Wednesday 21st October. The prize is for a pair of spaces on the cupcake decorating class on Saturday 24th October at 10am - 1pm. We can't transfer the date so please don't ask us to! You're responsible for getting to Mums Who Bake HQ in Castleforde, but if you win we'll absolutely give you directions so you don't get lost. We wish we could enter our own competitions. We'd quite like to decorate our cakes with rainbows.


  1. My son is starting 'big' school next year so I would love to do the A B C with little fondant characters; a for alien, b for bumblebee, c for car etc . . . only problem is I don't know if he would be able to learn anything before we'd gobble them all up!

  2. Hi, I'd go for "rainbow cup cakes" ... by using differing colours of edible glitter on a pale cream smooth cake topping I would use a rainbow shape (cut out of baking parchment) and sprinkle the different colours of the glitter to get the rainbow effect ... and I would put hundred & thousands in the baking mixture so the rainbow theme flows through the whole bun!

  3. just read your post ... I honestly did not see that you were thinking of rainbows too! feel free to delete my entry from the comp - feel like a plagarist :-(

  4. Oh don't worry Victoria! Rainbow cupcakes would be awesome, so I don't mind in slightest :-)

    I'd like snow man cupcakes with sparkly edible glitter too...

  5. Hello!

    I would decorate the cupcakes with guitars and music-related things like notes and maybe even get ambitious and do a whole drumkit across a handful of cupcakes... with star-shaped hundreds-and-thousands and silver glitter... because that would be badass and totally rock'n'roll! And my lovely boyfriend would be so chuffed, he works with bands and he loves my cakes, he's my biggest supporter, and is always there to lend a hand (stomach?) to critique my baking...

  6. I would love to decorate mine with girlie things like make-up and shoes and handbags, it is my daughters birthday on the 5th of November and she will be 14, so would be good to practice for her and her friends...or maybe go all out and do firework cupcakes seeing as her birthday is bonfire night....xx

  7. Mums Who Bake were in our local paper the other day, as I live in Leighton Buzzard which is a few mins from MK! Yay for them :) I keep thinking I'll book a class with them (when I get a job/money) as they look brilliant.

    Anyway, on my cakes I would put moustaches! Cos then when youre about to eat it it'd look like you have a silly moustache :P Also may as well go for some top hats, monacles and pipes while I'm at it! Hurrah.


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