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Friday 2 October 2009

Sluttery Reads: Fifty Shoes That Changed The World

World changing shoes? You bet they are. The Design Museum has put its thinking cap on and trawled through the annals of fashion history to come up with what it believes are the 50 most important shoes and shoe designs ever.

And do you know what, they're pretty spot on. My favourite out of all of them though is the 'Ossie' shoe created by Manolo Blahnik for Ossie Clark in 1972. Rather than using a picture of the shoe, they've included Blahnik's illustrated design, which is as beautiful - if not more so - as the finished product.

What I found most fascinating about this book though is that they detail accompanying each shoe covers not only the history of the creation but also the social impact and consequences each shoe has had. It has also been written with a lot of love for shoes and fashion which adds to the enjoyment.

Fifty Shoes That Changed The World by The Design Museum, £12.99 from Octopus.


  1. How wonderful! My Jimmy Choos changed my world, worn pairs to get jobs, to special dinners and other wonderful events
    They hold all my secrets! XX

  2. Really want this book, but I've got my eye on the 50 dresses one as well...


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