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Friday 23 October 2009

Celebrate Friday in style - win some Gin!

*Update* We have a winner! Amy Lane! Yay! Here's what she'd do with her gin:

As much as love a straight G & T with a twist of lime, I'd have to make a Singapore Sling - brings back great holiday memories ;-)

How handy that we've got a Singapore Sling recipe right here! Congrats, Amy! Just email us and tell us where to send your prize! And for the rest of you, well we're going to have to share with you even more gin recipes by the sounds of it - you're clearly all great big lushes. *Update*

It's Friday, and everyone's winding down for a lazy weekend...but we've got one more treat for you before we head off. And this one involves booze!

Gordon’s gin have partnered with the Telegraph to celebrate Fridays in style, with the launch of ‘The Friday’. And to help you start the weekend with a bang, they've offered us a fab prize for one Domestic Sluttery reader. Although we suggest you share, drinking a bottle all on your own would be foolish. Trust us.

We're going to kick off Friday in style by providing you with a ‘Friday pack’ full of everything you need for your very own Friday night in with friends. Your ‘Friday’ pack will include a bottle of Gordon’s Gin and exclusive set of Gordon’s glassware to serve it in.

To be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment below and tell us how you'd serve up your gin! Would it be in a glam cocktail, a classic G&T or something more exotic?

We'll pick a winner on Monday, and we promise not to accidentally drink it all and post you an empty bottle.

Ooooh, important legal bit to stop us from getting into trouble:

Please only enter if you are a UK resident over the age of 18.


  1. very traditional me, you can't beat a glass of gin, tonic, ice & a slice of lime - lovely :-)

  2. on the rocks with lemonade and asprig of mint

  3. I would make a James Bond Martini! Gin, vodka and Lillet blanc. Shaken, not stirred.

  4. Lovely Gin a mothers sin!
    I would have it with bitter lemon & ice with a sprig of mint & a slice of lemon!

  5. whitty999 -Twitter23 October 2009 at 16:33

    sorry that post was mine:
    Lovely Gin a mothers sin!
    I would have it with bitter lemon & ice with a sprig of mint & a slice of lemon!


  6. With a slice of lime, lemonade and a HOT man !

  7. Gin and lemonade with a dash of lime please, ice and lemon. Tall glass, no nonsense, maybe a swizzle stick thrown in for good measure.

    Handsome, James Bond-esq waiters to serve drinks on the lawn at dusk, twinkly lights in the trees and some tea lights dotted around. Floaty dresses and 20's music..

    Well, with a third floor flat, a girl can dream can't she..

  8. I would make a Singapore Sling (an oldy but a goody!):

    Mix Gin, Cherry Brandy, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice, Cointreau, Dom Benedictine, Grenadine and a dash of Angostura Bitters, finished with a Cherry!

    Yummylicious! xxx

    (@cookinmummy on twitter)

  9. Gin, tonic, ice, half a lime tree.

  10. I've made a bramble into a long drink.

    Creme de Mure,
    *Cream Soda
    *Frozen blackberries/raspberries instead of ice cubes

    *These bits I added myself when I found myself drinking the bramble too quickly ;-)

  11. I love this on ice on a hot day.

    2 parts Gin
    1 part Cointreau
    1 part Apricot brandy
    4 parts Passion fruit juice
    4 parts Pineapple juice

  12. I would have to serve my gin with ice cold still lemonade and peach liquor mixed in a cocktail shaker straight from the freezer.
    This drink is best enjoyed when all dressed up with the girls, and we last served it as part of our 40s themed party!

  13. It's gotta be a Pink Lady - decent slug of gin, a few shakes of Angostura Bitters, topped with Slimline Tonic, ice and a slice of lime (not lemon!). Gorgeous!

  14. Three fingers of gin, a handful of ice, a teeny can of tonic to make sure it's fizzy and a slice of....OMG! I forgot the lemon. Excuse me, I must dash. It's nearly six o'clock. Hell and D!

  15. With fresh pressed apple juice and ice; Lime & mint sprig optional. This combination raises a few eyebrows, but tastes wonderfully clean and refreshing.

  16. All these classy combinations. I would decant the gin into a hip flask, hide it in my bag all night, whilst ordering tonic water at the bar (i'm detoxing!). Share it with my girlies on the dancefloor and probably get some randoms involved too. Any leftovers would be used for making that Domestic Sluttery fave 'glow in the dark gin jelly' to be savoured whilst dissecting the previous night. Love it

  17. A GE&T, classic gin and tonic with ice and lime but with the added loveliness of a shot of elderflower cordial :)

  18. As much as love a straight G & T with a twist of lime, I'd have to make a Singapore Sling - brings back great holiday memories ;-)

  19. Ahh, I belived a g&t shouldnt be messed with untill i discoved sloe gin, a whole new g&t time! no that id turn down a bottle of the plain stuff though....

  20. I’d save it for Halloween when I’m meeting up with my closet girlfriend. We’re dressing up as characters from Alice in Wonderland with a spooky twist (i.e lots of fake blood) and having a Mad Hatters Tea Party. As it’s a tea party it’d have to be served up in teapots. If there’s any left over, which has never previously been the case when it comes to gin when we meet up, then I’d use it to make spooky Glow in the Dark Gin Jelly Domestic Slut Style.

    I love gin.

  21. Must be the old classic, G & T (none of that slime line rubbish) couple of big cubes of ice and a slice of frozen lemon ... yum

  22. oh my god, gin is a dream. My personal favourite is having it with gingerbeer and big ol' slice of lime and lots of ice. It's lovely and refreshing!

  23. I'd make La Vie En Rose, here's the recipe:

    La Vie En Rose - serve in a classic coupette glass, like the ones used in Audrey Hepburn films:

    25ml/1fl oz gin
    25ml/1fl oz lychee liqueur
    20ml/¾fl oz pink grapefruit juice
    ice cubes
    100ml/3½fl oz rosé champagne
    1 rose petal, to serve

    1. Pour the gin, lychee liqueur and pink grapefruit juice into a cocktail shaker.
    2. Add ice and stir.
    3. Strain the mixture into a coupette glass, then top up with the rosé champagne.
    4. To serve, garnish the glass with the rose petal, if using.

    Add some (glamourous) friends, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sabrina & Roman Holiday on DVD and appropriate nibbles.


  24. A clasic G&T for me. However after reading this article I've come across some darn good cocktails I'd like to try out next week!

  25. If it's a party I'm after, then I'll make "Skip & Go Naked" which was passed down to me by a bartender who wrote it on a beer soaker coaster. You take:

    1 bottle of gin
    6 bottle of tasteless beer (or coors lite)
    pink lemonade in concentrate

    mix together in a stainless steel bowl and put in a freezer. Drink when slushy until you are skipping or naked or both. Warning: last time I partook, I was taking pictures with a couple of police officers brandishing handcuffs

  26. I used to always drink Gin, slimline tonic and a slice of lime,until my mum introduced me to it the Jane Way Gin, slimline tonic and wait for it... cucumber! Smells like a face mask but is surprisingly tasty and refreshing... Can't beat your mum's version!

  27. With a whole bottle of gin and glassware for free I'd feel the need to share the joy. My fave drink is a gin and tonic with lime but I'd love to have friends over and do a potluck type event where the names of gin cocktails are written on pieces of paper thrown into a hat and then pulled out one by one for the making and tasting. Fun!

  28. You can't beat the classic G&T when you're after a quick fix but I am partial to a White Lady which is kind of like a St Clements with a BIG kick!

    2 parts gin, 2 parts cointreau, and 2 parts lemon juice - shake & serve in a martini glass, or any glass if you're not fussy!

  29. Sorry for not being more adventurous but I'd love a plain old G&T, with a big wedge of lime. And a straw!

  30. Ahh gin, with a splash of bitter lemon and a couple of ice cubes...and a big hunk of cake to go with it

  31. Gin
    Triple sec
    Pineapple juice
    Pineapple, slice

    Yummy :D

  32. Singapore Sling for me - gin, cherry brandy, lemon juice and lots of ice to make it very, very long. Heaven!

  33. In my version of a gin sling.
    Gin, sugar syrup, lemon/lime shaken with ice and then topped with soda water.

  34. I'd make a luscious Bramble...

    2 Measures Gin
    0.5 Measure De Kuyper Blackberry
    1.5 Measures Lemon Juice
    0.5 Measure Sugar Syrup

    Garnished with a lemon wedge and huge fresh blackberries!

  35. Jade @Girlyougotstyle26 October 2009 at 11:44

    It has to be a Dry Martini with an olive, I'd serve it up to the frankly gorgeous Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, who I've noticed regularly enjoys one dressed suitably in a Hugh Hefner style dressing gown and PJ's! Yummy on all counts LOL!

  36. Love G&T, first alcoholic drink because it was what Pat Butcher used to order on Eastenders!

    Nowadays I would have it as part of a White Lady Cocktail - Gin, Cointreau and lemon juice! Lush!

  37. Ladies, you seem to read my mind at the moment! I just turned to my colleague and told her how badly I think I'm going to need a gin after work on Friday and you tweet this!

    I was always a fan of the timeless classic, Gordons, tonic and a lime quarter, but last time my Dad visited he opened my eyes to a whole WORLD of gin lovin'! He mixes the best G&T in the world, and he serves it with a couple of slices of cucumber. You might not think cucmber would be strong enough a flavour to conpete, but it brings out the aromas in fresh gin like nothing else!

  38. classic G&T for me - but always lime rather than lemon.

  39. The only way to drink gin is in a 'Come Dine With Me' drinking game... every time someone puts something in the oven, take a sip.

    Four episodes later... :-)

  40. I recently inherited a bottle of absinthe which I've yet to become inspired to use.

    If I had gin I'd like to try making an absinthe martini which I'm assured is for only the most hardened of martini drinkers and will make the perfect Halloween cocktail.

  41. Just a shot of gin would do me!

  42. I'm making Damson Gin at the moment so this would be prefect, then served over ice in lovely glasses at Christmas time. Yummy.

  43. Make mine neat, disguised in a mug, to be desperately swigged in the kitchen, whilst trying to contain the panic that has set in on the day of the dinner party I so FOOLISHLY thought would be a good idea!

  44. Gin and ginger beer - it's a great combination!

  45. i would save for all hallows considering the season i would have to don the the ripped red ballgown and mix this little darling

    Fallen Angel

    2 oz. Gin
    1/4 oz. White Creme de Menthe
    2 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
    dash Bitter

    In a shaker filled with a cup of ice, pour the gin, Creme de Menthe, Juice and bitters. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

    after which i would scowl manically at everyone from my living room window that passes by whilst thoughtfully sipping my fallen angel and pondering which shops i would hit and ladies i would lunch with to relieve the hangover.

  46. I think this cocktail is called a Grass Skirt Cocktail (or something ridiculous like that). It involves:

    1.5oz gin
    1oz triple sec
    1oz pineapple juice
    1/2 teaspoon grenadine

    Mix all together and garnish with a pineapple slice.

    I think I'd like something like that, as it's totally weather inappropriate. Sometimes you can't let the seasons dictate what you drink.

  47. When I was a little younger, it may have just been neat gin. But last year I've learned that Gin Gin Mules are much nicer and does not destroy your taste buds as much.

    Similar to a Moscow Mule but with Gin. Yum Yum

  48. One of everything above, shared around liberally with friends and passers-by. Though with the ever-increasing list I might need to break out another bottle or two from my stash. I love it's versatility, but I'm quite partial to the simplest G+T as well.

  49. My boyfriend is super stressed with work so I'd throw him a gin party- make a few cocktails, add some to a creamy sauce to add to a slow-cooked chicken dish and make some mini G&T cupcakes :)

  50. I need gin. Now. Busy busy day. I'd create a cocktail called GINCREDIBLE and it would consist of lots of gin, orange juice and lemonade, with a cheeky slosh of tobasco (to add the 'incredible' element)

    Hayley x

  51. Some would go into making several Raspberry Collins-es - gin, sugar syrup, fresh raspberries, a bit of lime and topped up with soda water. The rest would go in my hip flask for a rainy day! Mm gin.

  52. I would serve it with a smile!

  53. gotta be a classic G&T with a lime!

  54. why dirty a glass when you can just drink it from the bottle!

  55. I'd go floral with a mix of gin, a dash of St. Germain elderflower liqueur, lots of ice and some lychee juice served in an antique tea cup!


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