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Monday 26 October 2009

Etsy Pick: Katherine Cooper Jewellery

By now you must know just how much the Domestic Sluts love our weird and wonderful bling. From necklaces shaped like golden snitches, typewriters, bicycles or jammie dodgers, to unusual cocktail rings and brooches aplenty, we have something of a penchant for statement jewellery of all kinds. But I have a funny feeling that our latest instalment may divide opinion. You see, I’ve become quite besotted with Katherine Cooper, an artist and jewellery designer who makes handcrafted ornate statement pieces, using charms, gemstones, pearls, shells and antique lace and silk.

I can see that her jewellery won’t be to everyone’s taste. They’re over-the-top to the extent that they might seem fussy and not as wearable as other, much more minimalist designers. There’s a bohemian romanticism to the materials she uses, and to me the whimsical combination of traditional textiles like lace and ribbons works well with the more unusual touches like the porcelain roses and butterflies, Eiffel Tower charms, guns, crucifixes and diamante text. But as much as I recognise it could only be worn on very select occasions, and teamed with the simplest of ensembles, I still can’t help but lust over this.

It’s $220 from Katherine’s shop on Etsy. What do you think?


  1. Jane I wanted to say thank you so much for blogging my 'Ragdoll Corpse Bride' statement fringe necklace (my website has never had so many viewers (it normally sits there like a lady in waiting hee hee). Jane this necklace is in a film with some more of my other 'Ragdoll' collection

    And why do you like it Jane because your a girl about town, a domestic sluttery goddess :) and know that you must have a statement fringe necklace :D

    Katherine xx

  2. Hi Katherine, thanks so much for your comment! Glad you like the post, I love your website so thrilled that the post has given your traffic a boost - it's much deserved! Your statement necklaces are beautiful, keep up the good work!
    J x


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