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Thursday 1 October 2009

Etsy Pick: Letterpress 2010 Calender by ilee

I came across this gorgeous calendar on Twitter (thanks @fudgeit!), who directed me to ilee's Etsy shop. For $22 American dollars you'll get 13 lovely cards and that rather nifty clear case stand. The only problem? It's too pretty to scribble dates and reminders on! I think I'll buy this one to prettify my desk, and keep a standard paper calendar on the wall for my notes and doodles.

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  1. A 2010 Calendar?! That's just not on!

    I do have to come to terms with fact Summer is over, don't I?

  2. oh but Siany, the prettiness of this calendar, with odd touches of glitter here and shimmer there will more than make up for the loss of Summer. oddly enough my calendar arrived yesterday, and it is gorgeous. it is definitely far too pretty to write on, yes, but it really adds to my otherwise plain desk at work.

    the seller also threw in a pretty letterpress greeting card!

    (bushra aka @fudgeit)


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