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Wednesday 28 October 2009

Etsy pick: Top 10 card wallets

If, like me, you're tired of hunting around in your handbag (or your ugly IKEA Oyster card wallet) for your driver's licence, credit, debit, ID, travel or business cards, then be tired no more! These Etsy mini-wallets are slim enough to slide into the most modest of pockets, flip-openable, affordable, have card-sized pockets, and are pretty to boot. Plus the sellers all ship to the UK.

This slapdash wallet from delainey, $14USD, is a beautiful mish-mash of fabric scraps.

This vinyl wallet from CraftieRobot is only $6USD and has ZOMBIES on!

Another vinyl wallet, $17USD, with an unusual design from RogueEmpire.

This Pac-Man wallet has ghosts on the other side - it's a bit crafty and rough-edged, but I like the handmade feel. Littlepennylane is selling it for $16USD with free shipping.

This sober but stylish plaid wallet, $65USD, from sewlutionsbyamo was made by combining combined tropical wool mens suiting with leather and gunmetal rivets.

This wallet is awesome for two reasons: 1 - IT'S WONDERWOMAN! and 2 - it's made of Duct Tape! It also has seven pockets and a clear display slot for your ID card. WonderWoman wallet, $15USD from CheshireNat.

This elegant hot pink and black damask fabric wallet is very reasonably priced at $8USD from GracieDesigns.
This canvas screen-printed Japanese sun symbol wallet is $28USD from QuietDoing.

The photo of this moustache wallet says it all really: made with 100% awesomeness. $10USD from happysadtree.

Which mushrooms are the poisonous ones? If you're a mushroom fan you'll know it's the Fly Agaric (red with white spots) you have to watch out for. And if you are a mushroom fan, get ye down to blissful's Etsy shop, where these little beauties are going for $22USD.


  1. Wow! What a great piece. There are so many cool card wallets around that I've gone into my usual overload inertia and not bought one, but will probably remedy that soon.

    Also, I worry that if I kept me Oyster Card outside my purse, that would be two things to lose! Where do peeps usually keep these things - pocket?

  2. Abi - I keep my Oyster card in the front pocket of my handbag. Makes it easier to find, thus avoiding the embarrassing scramble when you get on the bus....

  3. I'm a bit of a jeans chick, so I keep 'em in my back pocket, but I also approve of the front-flap-of-handbag approach :)

  4. I love that mustache one! Although I do love the Wonder Woman one too. And I am a front pocket of handbag girl when it comes to Oyster storage (which will probably sound MAD to anyone outside London)....

  5. @Jane: "I've got an Oyster in my front pocket."

    Sounds so wrong and yet so right at the same time...

  6. Thanks for including my Slapdash Wallet! What a fun blog, I'm a new fan :)


  7. Hand made oriental cloth alternative for your oyster card, these from Justin Oh are just beautifully made and a steal at £12.00



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