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Tuesday 20 October 2009

Joseph Joseph Worktop Savers

Aaaaah Joseph Joseph with your bright, happy colours and nifty little kitchen stuffs. It's hard not to be seduced by all of the pretty colours and designs. Which is why I'm so drawn to these nifty worktop savers. They're dishwasher safe and heat resistant too (up to 280 degrees anyway - more than enough for anyone). I might not like all the new-fangled gadgets that Joseph Joseph come up with, but I do really like these:

Longing for summery days? This retro rocket lolly pattern is perfect.

This is the perfect worktop saver for me. I really really like stripes.

I like this one, the pixel pattern is a bit geeky but still pretty.

All of these designs are £15. Not only will they brighten up your kitchen, they'll also make cleaning a lot easier. Simple cleaning and pretty patterns? Yes please!


  1. Crikey, they're all gorgeous! I'm looking for a new worktop saver/chopping board at the moment because I've managed to...errr...totally and utterly mangle our current one via rather too vigorous bouts of chopping. All I need to figure out now is which one of these to spent my hard earned pennies on!

  2. Miss Cay, you could always buy more than one then you could "chop & change" as the mood takes you :)

    Mine is used more as a "quick hide the dirty hob" type utensil when unexpected visitors turn up and as I've singed one edge, this has reminded me to add one to my shopping list.

    They're such fab designs that brighten up even the dullest of kitchens!

  3. Yep, they're really very pretty. And, if you're short of space you can pop one on the draining board and you've got yourself another temporary surface.

    That said, I'm very impressed with your over-zealous chopping, Miss Cay!

  4. They are gorgeous indeed - top of my list of things for the kitchen. After No 1) New Kitchen. Wish I could get one of those for £15!

  5. @ Miss Cay - they are lovely indeed. They're not allowed to call them chopping boards I think though cos they don't meet some standards or other (yes, I listen when people tell me stuff) - but IME they just blunt knives a bit. Still, obviously, they work and are PRETTY.

    Mine has got Elvis on it and lives in my bedroom nowadays actually - I keep candles on it, good as a trivet though, wicked table centrepiece!


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