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Thursday 29 October 2009

Hats on the high street

Well, October's no fun. Frizzy hair from all the rain, cold ears from all the, um, cold. Heavy bag from lugging an umbrella around. Grumpy taller pedestrians as the spokes of my umbrella puncture their eyeballs...

So what's the solution? HATS! Not waterproof hats; that would be far too sensible (and ugly). What I need is a nice cheap hat that delivers the pretty, but one that I won't feel guilty about chucking in spring when it's all sodden and unravelly.

This is my favourite: ASOS fairisle fur trim deerstalker, £20.00. It's furry! It's all fairisley! And pastelly! And it HAS EARS. And treads the line between unbearably kitsch and actually quite warm very well.

This is a rather nice crocheted beanie from Dorothy Perkins, £10. I think the fine crochet makes a nice change from all the thick woolly cable-knit beanies on the market.
Now, at £179, this ASOS Patrizia Pepe hat is neither cheap nor ear-protecty. Nor could someone of my height and complexion get away with it without looking like a low-rent J-Lo wannabe. But it's sassy and stylish and has that cute charm. it would look great teamed with some low-key, fitted threads on a tall lady. So if that's you, log onto ASOS and sort it aht!

As I mentioned, there are a lot of cable-knit beanies out there at the moment, but this hat from Miss Selfridge, £12, adds a little bit of attitude with a cheeky peak. Wear it at a slight angle with soft wavy hair and a touch of 1960s eyeliner, and make sure you wink at all the boys who look your way. Extra cheeky points if you have a dimple.

Sigh. Another impractical hat that I couldn't get away with. But if you're a shade taller, this Miss Selfridge faux fur trapper hat, £18, would be perfect to offset a dull, flung-together Monday morning work wardrobe. I mean, POM POMS!

What do we call this hat-scarf combo? A slat? A harf? Republic, very sensibly, call it a hooded scarf, and it's £24.99 by Soul Cal. And it is rather sensible. It's a very sensible grey, as well. A bit too sensible for me, to be honest, even with pom-poms making a nod to frivolity.

And me? Well, I recently bought this cheapo trapper hat from New Look for £8. Mainly to keep my ears warm, but also because I look well 'ard:

You wouldn't mess with that face, now, would you? Eh? Oh be quiet.


  1. Really want the peaked cable knit one from miss selfridges! I have dimples too so would be rude not to :)

  2. I want that one too! But I have no dimples and can't wink properly.



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