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Wednesday 7 October 2009

Perfect presents: Ginger Interiors' spotty teapot

Is there anything happier than red and polka dots? Everything about this spotty teapot is very pretty indeed. Look how shiny! Making tea in the morning with this is going to cheer you right up on a dreary Monday morning. I can see teatime becoming much more smiley from now on.

You can buy this from Ginger Interiors for just £16.95. Now all you need is some yummy tea and a piece of cake...


  1. There IS something inherently jaunty & cheering about polka-dotty homewares, isn't there? I have a polka-dot tea towel that always makes me feel slightly better about doing the washing up.


    Let's not go mad.

  2. I actually received this as a gift this morning and it made me very very smiley :-)

    I think it's specifically red polka dots. They're the best.


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