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Monday 25 January 2010

The artful jammy dodger

If I'm a bit stuck for creative inspiration, I usually reach for the biscuits. I know this is always a hot topic for discussion but my personal favourite, especially on really rubbish days, is the crumbly texture and the cheerful red splodge of a jammy dodger.

And it looks like I'm not the only one. Judging by the crop of products inspired by this humble biscuit, it's clear it provides not only valuable sugary nutrients but food for thought too.

If you're looking for to wear your jammy heart on your sleeve, how about this brooch from Homemade which costs just £5? It's made from hand-painted clay and it looks so realistic, I'd be a bit worried I'd be tempted to eat it.

One way of getting round that potential embarrassment is the keepsake pot by Richard Archard. Made from ceramic and shaped like a jammy dodger, it literally allows you to take the biscuit. It's hinged to open and exactly sized to fit the biscuit inside. Perfect for jammy emergencies when you're on the move. Buy it for £18 from Dollydagger.

What do you want with a tasty biscuit? A nice cup of tea of course. Step forward the Duncan mug available from Hygge. When you get to the bottom of your drink you'll find a ceramic version of your favourite biscuit. It costs £13.50 and, for those who would prefer to dodge the dodger, you can also get it featuring a custard cream or a bit of shortbread.

And where to put your cup of tea? Obviously on a lovely jammy dodger coaster! Beautifully hand-printed by Solitaire, £16 gets you a set of six (the set also includes two chocolate cream and two tea biscuit coasters).

Time to raid the biscuit tin ...

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