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Wednesday 13 January 2010

Hello, Birdy: Best Bird Homewares for £15 and Under

There's something about bird-themed homewares that just makes my heart flutter. Whether they're emblazoned onto mugs, tea towels or even alarm clocks, there aren't many accessories that, in my humble opinion, wouldn't be vastly improved with the addition of a feathered friend or two.

But alas, I understand all too well that this time of year may not be the best for an expensive shopping spree for accessories embellished with puffins, peacocks, penguins and parrots. So, to celebrate this bizarre, bird-themed fetish (whilst taking into account the post-Christmas tightened purse-strings), I hereby present the best birdy home accessories that can be yours for £15 or less:

These cute and kitsch cooking timers from the brilliant minds at Berry Red are only £8.95 each, and are so colourful that they're certain to make your kitchen more cheerful. Never mind that it's still dark and dismal outside by mid-afternoon, with one of these chipper chirrupers sitting on your shelf, it'll be like cooking in the company of those helpful woodland critters from the Disney films. Except with less irritating songs about princesses, destiny and true love.

And continuing with kitchen-based birds, I can't help but be smitten by this blackbird blackboard, now £9.50 from Objects of Design. As well as being handy for scribbling down shopping lists, you could also mix things up and hang this in your hallway instead, replacing the traditional scraps of paper or old envelopes that always seem to end up next to the phone with numbers and messages hastily scrawled on them. (Or that's what seems to happen in my house, anyway.)

Or, if you're itching for the snow to thaw so you can get back out into the garden, then maybe this watering can might suit you. It's feminine, with a vintage feel to it, but not so sickly-sweet that you'll feel the need to team it with Cath Kidston wellies and a Stepford Wife-like insane smile. It's £7.99, from HomeSense.

This decorative birdcage by Linea is from House of Fraser's SS10 collection, and would work well as a quirky but beauteous dressing table accessory, or maybe atop a tall bookcase. And at a mere £15, this is one little birdy that definitely won't break the bank.

Do you have any strange obsessions that you'd like to incorporate into the interior design of your home? Tell us in the comments or so, and we'll see if we can find the perfect accessories for you!


  1. I love bird related things! I have it on my walls-
    and on my body-
    I reeeeally want one of the timers. But I have a very jazzy oven with a digital timer, so really have no use for one!
    PS- Ever tried to take a photo of your own back? Not easy!

  2. I can't find the birdcage on the HoF website - is it going to arrive soon, or just sold out?

  3. I've never said this before but... I've just fallen in love with a watering can! It would look perfect in my hall with a dozen or so tulips in it.

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies!

    Amy, I love the tattoo - and am very impressed with your contortionist photography skills!

    Helen, that's right - the birdcage is part of the SS10 collection, so it will be online soon. We'll update this post with the direct link when it's up, but we wanted you lot to be the first to know about it so you could swoop in and bagsy a bargain!

    HollieAnne, I never thought of using it as an ornament in the house, that's a fab idea. Make sure you send us a pic if you do it, be great to see how you use the things we feature - we're nosy!


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