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Monday 11 January 2010

Miss Fancy Pants

There's something I love about seeing in the New Year with new lingerie. Becuase you're meant to start the year as you mean to go on, right? So New Year, new frillies. Even if I have to buy them myself. But when they're this pretty, who cares?

Usually, I wouldn't be able to afford anything from Myla, but everything in their sale is very tempting. Still, the pretty Angelica bra pictured will set you back £52 even with the discount. But the eyemask is only £15. Much more affordable.

This cerise camisole set from Bordello is definitely the kind of underwear that needs to be worn with high heels. It's also £117, but worth every penny.

Karen Millen's dresses might be out of my budget, but their lingerie is surprisingly reasonable. Treat yourself to this set. The bra is £44 and the matching boyshorts are £22.

Miss Lala's lingerie is popping up all over the place at the moment. It's hardly surprising when you look at this green vintage set. The bra is £71.50 from So Shop.

Looking for something a bit more high street? Oasis' Odille range never stops being sexy, but is affordable too. Especially when there's a sale on. These boyshorts are just £6, the matching bra is £12. Worth splashing out on, even if it's only me who gets to see them.


  1. jeez i feel outraged paying £30 for a bra so excuse me while i remove my jaw from the floor after reading this post!

  2. I wouldn't consider £44 as 'reasonable' for a bra... Perhaps it's a London-cost-of-living thing?

  3. The dresses in Karen Millen are in the hundreds - so in relation to that, I think that their lingerie is actually pretty reasonable. Sure, some of this stuff is more expensive (expect for the Oasis stuff I've mentioned), but I think good lingerie is worth paying for. Especially when it's this pretty.

  4. Still think the best way to buy bras is always to go to Rigby and Peller - once you get over the embarrassment of having your boobies seen by a stranger, you're rewarded by leaving with a perfectly fitting bra :)

  5. Couldn't agree more about Rigby and Peller Nickie - going there is a life-changing experience!


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