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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Etsy Pick: John W Golden Art Prints

I can't help but be enamoured by John W. Golden's Etsy shop of weird and wonderful digital art prints. They're whimsical and unique, but without being so bizarre that they'd be a nightmare to fit in with other art or accessories. And although he's based in Wisconsin, shipping to the UK is only 10.5USD, and he's currently having a buy-one get-one-free sale across his entire eclectic collection. The only hitch is that I can't pick just two of my favourites.

This Ted Box Art Robot is 20USD, and would be a perfect retro addition to a kitsch and colourful kitchen or lounge. And as with most of the prints in John's Etsy shop, it's unisex enough that if you're one half of a co-habiting couple, you could have any of these with out any chaps getting tetchy about their masculinity being affronted.

This Never Who You Are print is 18USD, and is just one of a series of collages that include quotes from songs and films. This one would work well in a home studio or office, but there's a whole host of others to suit many a colour scheme, mood or occasion.

But of them all, my absolute favourite has to be The Enamored Moths, for 20USD. It'd look beautiful in a black lacquer frame above my bed. Anyone want to treat me? Go on. I'll even let you have the free print of your choice. Because I'm nice like that.


  1. They are awesome. I keep clicking on the most expensive ones, mind. Good find!

  2. Thank you! I know what you mean tho, this month's payday can't come soon enough!

  3. The moths print is stunning, but I think the American spelling of 'enamoured' would irk me!

  4. Usually moths make my skin crawl but I'm loving that last print.


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