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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Dya-think-e-saurus Wallpaper

I know this Bodie and Fou dinosaur wallpaper is £78 a roll. I know that's very expensive wallpaper. I know I can't afford it. But just look at it. Isn't it wonderful? How can you not fall in love with it? This is perfect for papering the insides of cupboards, or under the stairs. Little touches here and there to make you smile. Yes it's expensive, but it's so very very pretty.


  1. Oh god I love it so much. My brother had a dino-filled room as a kid and we (his three sisters) always coveted it a bit from our pink boudoirs. I want! Imagine it on the chimney breast above the fireplace - lovely! Could even use a bit in a photoframe just as a feature - maybe I'll ask them for some offcuts ;)

  2. You could easily copy that with white paint and stencils (& some effort)


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