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Thursday 21 January 2010

Sluttery faves: Puzzle Clock

I'm sure I used to be better at getting up in the mornings. Some days it's an extended sequence of beepbeep-thump-snooze and then a mad panic 'til lunchtime, and me mentally kicking myself for not getting up on time.

The Puzzle alarm should help, it's £18.49 from Amazon. In order to stop the beeping, you have to place the coloured blocks in the correct slots. Assuming you can find them in the dark, by which time you'll definitely be awake. Genius.


  1. Omg I love that, so much! That would definitely get me up, I'm exactly the same, I snooze for like an hour, get up and think, oh crap, I've just wasted half the morning.

    The only thing about this is it would be fun for like, 2 weeks, maybe. Then you'd lose one of the pieces down the side of the bed. I'm sure anger would ensue.

  2. I could have done with that this morning...

  3. That is a very clever idea! I'm definitely in need of one of these.


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