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Friday 29 January 2010

Cocktails and Cupcakes at The Mayfair Hotel

Earlier this week, Alex and I got invited to try the new Cocktails and Cupcakes menu at the Mayfair Hotel. Cupcakes! And cocktails! At the same time! Yes please!

After a bit of a mix up (we found ourselves in the restaurant rather than the bar) we sat down and we were actually treated to some of the best bar service I've had in a longtime. And then our cakes arrived. And my goodness they looked pretty.

They were actually some of the prettiest cupcakes we've ever had. The chocolate cake had little jewels on it! (It was the first time we've ever had to undress a cake before eating it) and the vanilla cake had silver leaf on it, which was very special indeed. That's fancier than edible glitter.

As we wanted to try all of the cakes, we actually got more than we were meant to (hurrah!) The menu offers a cocktail and two cupcakes for £19.50. Worth it? We're not so sure.

Unfortunately, Alex and I weren't that impressed with the cakes. That's a picture of one of the cakes that we just couldn't eat. The topping was a horrible custard thing with a texture we couldn't fathom. One bite each and we were done. The others were better, but really not that great. Alex ate all of the raspberry cupcakes (I'll allergic) and whilst they were the best of the bunch, the icing wasn't great. And that was the problem with all of the cakes actually. Why did the vanilla cupcakes have cream on them instead of frosting? It didn't makes sense. Everything looked very pretty, but we weren't excited with any of them.

But then there was the cocktails. And these were so much better than the cupcakes. In the name of research, I tried the peppermint tea martini, something I wouldn't usually order. Instead of it tasting like tea, it was much stronger. If you don't like mint I'd stear clear. Alex had the espresso caramel martini and it was better, but the coffee flavour was very strong. Tasty though.

The best cocktail? The peach one. Which had no booze in it. Shame. If there was some vodka in it would have been fabulous. But it just missed the mark for us. Maybe because we're drunken lushes. I think that the whole menu needs tweaking. More cocktail choices would be brilliant, and whilst the cupcakes are all made in house, the frosting needs improving hugely (cream just doesn't cut it). Everything looks great, but first impressions soon go out of the window if something doesn't taste good. Although the more silver leaf on cakes the better.

I like The Mayfair Hotel. The service is fantastic (and so are the little dresses the bar staff wear) and it's a friendly place. It's also the official hotel for London Fashion Week and it's the perfect place for that. We also celeb spotted Lamar and I was tempted to pap him with my camera but managed to refrain. Just. Alex and I wouldn't go back for the Cocktails and Cupcakes menu. But we might pop back over to the restaurant and try the traditional afternoon tea.

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