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Friday 8 January 2010

The Emma Bridgewater Outlet

Everyone has sale fever at the moment, but is anyone else finding them a little bit lacklustre? Aside from a fabulous pair of shoes, I've hardly spent a penny. Very unlike me. But! it's not all bad news, because whilst snooping about the internet, I uncovered the Emma Bridgewater outlet.

I think my love for Emma Bridgewater is pretty clear, but I also love a bargain as well. And while their sale is going on, their outlet section is there every day, just waiting for you to snap up some bargains.

Most of the stuff in the outlet is seconds, or old display stock, so it's not perfect. But you know what? That's OK by me. I know Emma Bridgewater aren't going to sell me a dish with a crack right down the middle so if it's just a little bit of wear and tear that's alright. And it kinda adds to the charm. There might even be a variation in the pattern, which could look very pretty.

Best buys at the moment? A Starry Skies dish for £11 instead of £15, a Polka Dot milk jug with £7 off and a Nice Dream mug for just £11. There's some great finds and it's well worth keeping in your bookmarks. You'll still pick up some great bargains in the sale, but if you're looking for a year round bargain, make sure you take a look in the outlet.


  1. Oh boy...I need this in my life. Glad I didn't buy the full price mugs I had my eye on yesterday now!

  2. the polka dot pieces are so cute! i can't believe how good their sales are!

  3. I found this website that has Emma Bridgewater seconds. Check out:

    Enjoy! :)


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