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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Time for Tea: Brewhaha

Brewhaha might be the best name for a tea ever. I've been giggling to myself whilst sipping away, imagining tea parties getting all raucous. But honestly, it takes a lot for me to be torn away from my favourite Belle Vue Tea. I wasn't expecting Brewhaha to live up to my expectations. I picked up a box when I was buying cakes in Konditor & Cook.

Luckily, I was wrong. Brewhaha a fabulous cuppa. It's light and refreshing, but isn't weak. It's interesting. It tastes like a good cup of tea should. It's not as strong as some brands I've tried, and there's more than a little of the Earl Grey about it, but that's a good thing. It works.

The box is a little twee. It's very "let's put a pretty woman on the box because women like drinking tea" but when the cuppa is this tasty, you can overlook that. They've got a teashop in the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow (let us know if you've been!) and a box of 50 teabags was £2.85. That's a bargain for a brew this tasty.

Flickr image from patrick george is back's photostream.


  1. I have been to their tearoom in Glasgow, however have only sampled their cakes a few times. They have a fab selection of home baking...massive meringues filled with fresh fruit, the most amazing cupcakes, caramel shortbread, brownies and a whole lot more. I would defintely recommend, even for their cakes! Their list of teas is endless with lots to choose from, and the decor inside the tearoom is very pretty. Worth a visit me thinks!

  2. I actually really like the’s meant to be a little bit kitch and more than a litte ironic. I may be biased though ’cause I’m aquainted with the designer.
    The tearoom is great too...and the cakes are FABULOUS!!!!

  3. I promise if I find myself in Glasgow I'll pop in! In the meantime, the boys of Domestic Sluttery HQ appear to be making their way through the box I bought yesterday!

  4. Another thumbs-up for the Glasgow tearoom - particularly their amazing cupcakes (and ginger and lemon tea!).

  5. Thank you, we try our best at Brewhaha.
    We serve over 45 loose teas, a real treat.

  6. oh man! I LOVE Brewhaha! my favourite place to stop for a spot of tea and a cupcake when I was in Glasgow. really really miss it! Next time I'm up there, I'm so going for a lovely cuppa. SO many options, and I've not tried one that I didn't like so far!


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