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Wednesday 27 January 2010

A Charmed Life

Is there anything more pretty than this Book of Charms from Oasis? It's not really a book! Well it is, but take a peek:

Oooh! Exciting jewellery things! Look inside!

Lots of charms! And a necklace to put them on! In a pretty book! Look at the cute little charms:

My favourite is the love letter:

I'm head over heels. Oasis haven't really been wowing me recently, but this is amazing. It's designed by textile designer Vanessa Harirngton and the necklace and charms are sterling silver. You can mix and match and wear the charms any way you like which I love. The Charm Book is £85 and limited edition. Come Valentine's, I doubt there will be any left. It really is absolutely charming.


  1. that is so clever yet so simple, definitely a win for valentines.

  2. Wonderful! Do you happen to know the length of the chain? :)



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