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Wednesday 20 January 2010

Clock Me: Telling the Time in Style

It's been a while since we last showed you a selection of our favourite weird and wonderful wall clocks, so we thought it was about time we updated you with our most recent finds:

This black and bold beauty has pink button eyes and a pendulum tail which ticks from side to side. It's £49.99, from Hunkydory Home.

And continuing with the dramatic monochromatic colour scheme, there's this Karlsson wall clock, a snip at £19.99, from Hiccup Gifts. It's retro but not too over-the-top kitsch, and makes a strong but simple statement without making the room its in look too busy.

This kitchen utensils clock is another one from Hiccup, and it's only £24.99. Swish and sophisticated but still quirky and unique, whether in a kitchen or dining room it's sure to be a talking point.


  1. Ohmygosh - I have needed a new clock for my room for ages and these three are perfect. Now I just have to choose one... I'm erring towards the utensils. So kitsch - I love it.

  2. Glad we could help! I think the cat one is my favourite - but is too 'crazy cat lady'?


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