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Wednesday 20 January 2010

What Shall I Wear Today?

The question uttered by women all over every morning (or, afternoon if you're like us and accidentally slept through your alarm). So this 'what shall I wear today?' sweater from Oasis is perfect. Just the right amount of irony for 8:30am.

I like that there's a little bit of cartoon in this top, but without it looking like something a child would wear (although it's a very fine line). There's just enough shape to this top to stop it looking like something your kid sister would wear.

It's £45 and there's even a little bit of sparkle in it, which will brighten up even the dreariest of mornings.


  1. Can't find this item on their website - can you please advise where to get it, or a product code or something? Thanks

  2. The link goes straight to the item.

  3. Ooh, I have this jumper! I love it! Looks great with dark skinny jeans and black boots.


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