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Wednesday 13 January 2010

The Face of Habitat - even more snooping at the Sluts!

When Habitat offered to come and snap the room that best represented me, there was really only one choice. I've accumulated a lot of shoes, clothes and cosmetics over the years, and now I finally have a dressing room to keep it all in. The clever photography makes my little pink box room look a lot bigger than it is - in reality it's really only big enough for me, my dressing table, a few shoeboxes and assorted junk (which I cleared out especially for you).

Beauty packaging is always so pretty, so I like to have my stuff out where I can see it. I've got transparent drawers holding the prettiest, brightest stuff, and floral mugs holding makeup brushes. There's jewellery hung on the walls, shoes on display, and half a dozen scented candles. This is the only space in the flat that's truly mine, so I've made it girly beyond belief!

Here are some of the Habitat items that work with my room...

Tam Tam Stool £12
Mine's white, but I love the shiny black too!

Cuba Storage Jar £7
perfect for storing cotton wool pads.

Poli Soap Dispenser £8
Put moisturiser into this & avoid constantly dipping fingers in the pot.

For more information on how you could become the face of Habitat, check out their competition here. You could win a VIP trip to London and the chance to participate in a shoot with a top photographer.


  1. Those Tim Tam stools are so classic - I seem to remember us having orange ones in the 70s! Beeyoutiful room...

  2. Awww! Everything about this picture is super pretty. I'm so jealous you have a boudoir!

  3. Great photo Gems, I'm glad you can finally show it off!

  4. It looks great, and I'm so jealous of you for having a dressing room, no matter how small! I recognise that dress, too :)

  5. Gemma, where did you get your dressing table from?

  6. Aww thank you everyone for the kind words!

    @Amber - I am still loving the dress. Any excuse to wear it!

    @Anna - the dressing table was from Oliver Bonas.

  7. Gemma, did you buy it online or in the shop? which shop did you buy it? I'm only asking as i'm looking for a perfect little dressing table.

  8. Anna, it was a Christmas present so I'm not sure.

  9. When do we see Charles's dressing room?

  10. He doesn't have a dressing room, he has a LIBRARY.


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