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Monday 18 January 2010

Marky Market

Everyone always tells me how lucky that Domestic Sluttery HQ in London. I have all of those wonderful food markets, right? I'm only a little way from Billingsgate market! Hurrah! Yes, that might be true, but do you have any idea what time I'd have to get up to go? 6am is late at Billingsgate and Smithfield. Really. I've been to Billingsgate market once.

But that doesn't mean I don't want yummy treats for my tea. I want good steak! I want scallops! In the same meal! I know they're fresher from the markets, but no one is getting me up that early. It's still dark then. Go away. Let me hide under my duvet.

But then I heard about Marky Market. Run by a guy called Mark, he runs around the markets every Wednesday, buying all the yummy treats you want, and then he'll deliver them to you! Hurrah! This means I can get my shut eye, and sleep through my hangover, but I can still have tasty clams for my tea. Fabulous.

Flickr image from Tony Austin's photostream.


  1. Far out, that's an AWESOME idea. I can only get to our Saturday morning market here in Hobart every second week thanks to work, and I'd love to be able to get the just-picked veg delivered to my door!

    Is Mark cute? It'd be a bonus if my veg was delivered by a gorgeous man.

  2. Far be it from me to comment, but I've been told I scrub up well.
    mw x

  3. I'm not as regular a customer as I, or I suspect Mark, would like but this man is a genius. He will source exactly what you want, to your demanding specifications (or at least mine are demanding!). He knows his stuff: what's good, what's in season. I'm suitably impressed.

    As for how dishy he is, I really couldn't comment. At the time of day I have him deliver the only good looking thing around is my duvet cover.


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