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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Face of Habitat: Yet More Snooping at the Domestic Sluts

So when Habitat said they wanted to come round and take some snaps in a room in my house, my living room seemed like the obvious answer. Surely you wouldn't want to see my boring old bedroom, I thought, and my kitchen's so tiny there's barely room for one person in there, never mind lights and cameras.

But the living room is where the two chaps I live with and I eat, chit-chat, read, entertain and generally chillax after another long hard day of trying to take over the world. And since we all spend so much time in there, separately and in a group, it's important that it's functional, comfortable and cosy, and that we all feel at home there.

All three of us have eclectic taste, and a habit of accumulating many, many more toys, prints, and bric-a-brac than is sensible for our limited amount of space. So the fireplace and the mantelpiece above it has been commandeered to showcase our combined collection of art, Lego, ornaments and weird plastic toys. Luckily, Habitat didn't seem to think we were too crazy when they saw it, and brought some beautiful items with them to improve it even more. These included:These white characters are called Supers, and are new to Habitat for SS10. They're quirky but contemporary, and fit right in with the assorted cartoon creatures assembled on my shelves, although they'd work equally well as statement pieces on their own.
This lamp makes the room seem warm and cosy even though it's hideous outside. The Paglia lamp is £49, with similar detailing,or the Shiro table lamp is a great budget alternative at only £15.
This cushion was so squishy and comfortable, and because of the colour palette and textures used in it, meant it went well in a space like my lounge which is already busy with mismatched colours, patterns and designs.

This throw was perfect for making my sofa, which has admittedly seen better days a long, long time ago, look modern, clean and stylish again. This silk quilt is similar, now reduced in the sale to £183.20 from £229.

And it's not just us they want to nosey at. Habitat want your photos too. If you fancy your chances at being one of the faces of Habitat, all you need to do is head over to the competition site to upload your photo. If you win, you'll be whisked away on a VIP jaunt to London, and have the chance to participate in a shoot with a top photographer. Make you sure you let us know in the comments if you've entered. Now you've seen our habitats, we want to have a snoop round yours. S'only fair, after all.


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