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Friday 15 January 2010

Shop in the Spotlight: Shelf

London dwellers will probably have been aware of the joy of Shelf for a few years now. Opened on Cheshire Street in 2001 by jewellery designer Katy Hackney and costume designer Jane Petrie, it's one of those shops that's full of things you want but you're not actually sure why. It's an idiosyncratic but inspiring selection of quirky stuff for your home including ceramics, posters and stationery.

The good news for those slightly further afield than the capital (or those unwilling to step out in this bleeding cold weather) is that they've recently launched an online shop making all their desirable goodies only a click away.

The shop included sourced products from all over the world, ranging from Finland's Moomins to German bird mugs.

This tray comes from their collection of products by Japanese designer Shinzi Katoh. If you like childlike illustrations with a retro feel, you'll love his stuff. It's £22.

For something to make you go a little misty eyed, how about the Romeo and Juliet toy. Try and pull them apart and they are immediately pulled towards each other again in a kiss. It's something to do with their magnetism apparently. So cute and just £12.

The shop creates their own products too, such as this Shelf tape by Kathryn Dale. The 1950s-style illustration of cats and books ticks loads of my boxes. Selling for £6, it'll probably end up sealing quite a few of my boxes too.

Finally, perhaps my favourite, if I could just figure out where to put it: a sew-on patch with a lovely old Routemaster bus and the words 'Souvenir of London' on it. At £4.50 it's the perfect gift and size for posting to friends abroad.

So, forget anything your mother may have said to you ... on the shelf is clearly the place to be.


  1. Love Shinzi Katoh! That tray is lovely - too good for kiddies!

  2. I'm loving the kitty tape although I'm pretty sure I'd end up never wanting to actually use it!

  3. Hurrah! A comment from GrumpyTart that didn't get lost in the interwebs!

    I have decorative tape all over the place. There's some on my skirting board, some pinning up a cute little print. Lots of little places. I'm not precious with it. It's more fun that way.

  4. So cute! I'm doing my best to get our latest shipment of Shinzi Katoh loaded into the store. Also doing my best not swipe one of each for myself- Shinzi is so addictive!


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