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Friday 29 January 2010

Guest Post: Emma Cossey looks at Sluttish Gadget Covers!

As any gadget fiend will tell you, there's nothing more depressing then fishing your brand new gadget out of your handbag, only to discover it's lost in a fight with your car keys. I've got a phone with great big scratches adorning the screen and an iPod with a chunk missing out of the wheel after a fall relating to a few too many cocktails. And most covers on the high street are pretty ugly. So here are some from Folksy that will protect your gadgets, but still look lovely:

Tipsy damage to gadgets is all very frustrating, but easily preventable by using a gadget case like this Leather Butterfly Case from Folksy designer Beautiful Skin.

Folksy has plenty of other options too. Prefer something a little more crafty? This Two Tone iPod Cover is hand made by designer Pins and Needles. It's yours for £10, and even comes with a little section to plug your earphones into.

The lovely designer from Szeya Designs clearly has such an affection for the Apple gadget design, that they replicated it in this case. A cheeky option for £9.90.

This cupcake design from Suezybees is adorable, and the contrast stitching round the edges is a lovely touch. I love this washing line sunglasses case too, also from the Suezybees range.

Finally, this Rainbow Gadget Cozy caught my eye, and I'm sure you can see why. Sure, it's a little childish, but that's what makes it so fun! It's from The Rainbow Room and much prettier than a boring old leather case at least.

And if you fancy making your own tech pocket? Check out this tutorial for a Leather Tech Pocket from crafty Lucy Jackson.

The fabulous Emma Cossey is editorial assistant at Miramus. You can find her scribbling geeky things over on Dork Adore, or tweeting the day away.


  1. Love these. So much prettier than rubber covers.

  2. I made a corset style cover for my iphone from some instructions I found online. It's rather good if I do say so myself=P


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