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Monday 11 January 2010

Skirting around the issue

I absolutely can't resist this pretty, pretty jacquerd heart skirt from Miss Selfridge. It's so unique. But it's not too outlandish either. Just a couple of unusual touches that make it special, but still wearable. And you know what that means? You'll spend the day collecting compliments, which makes it worth the rather modest £30 price tag. Still not convinced by the heart print? Check out the back:

I love that the bow is on the back. There's bows everywhere at the moment, but at least Miss Selfridge are doing something different. In fact, they've been doing a lot different recently. They might even be over taking Oasis as my favourite high street shop.

I bet I've bought this by the end of the day.


  1. This skirt is so pretty, and I can see it making such a pretty Valentine day outfit if teamed with a red top. If only Pay day would roll around quicker! Miss Selfridge is one of those shops I feel has grown up with me, and for the last few months, they really have pulled out all the stops, a great place for really pretty dresses and skirts, and a lot of their designs are really figure friendly, meaning I don't have to skip on my lunch time cup cake. So good news all round!

  2. Totally agree. Before I'd go in because it's next door to Topshop, but now I make a beeline right for their pretty dresses.

  3. Have you seen their new Spring collection? It actually made me swoon. Really impressed.


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