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Wednesday 13 January 2010

Etsy pick: Alice in Wonderland papercut from Mr Yen

Before the world goes mad as a hatter about this year's Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland fans should snap up this small but perfectly formed Alice papercut from Mr Yen's Etsy shop.

Painstakingly cut from matt black paper, the figure is sold mounted onto card that's only a bitsy 105mm high (that's even smaller than Alice becomes after downing the 'Drink Me' bottle).

If this is making you curiouser and curiouser, Mr Yen is actually a Leeds based graphic design student who can do lots of very clever things with a knife and a bit of paper. His Etsy store has some other Wonderland papercuts including the Cheshire Cat and some of the book's most famous phrases as well as a whole lot more loveliness besides.

The prices are very reasonable for this type of intricate work as Alice costs just $17, with $2 postage within the UK.

Truly my Queen of Hearts.

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