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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bag Lust: Accessorize Woodland Weekend Bag

I want to book a weekend away just so I have an excuse to buy this weekend bag. It's from Accessorize, and it's £38 and it's utter loveliness. I have a weekend bag from these guys already. They're excellent, last for years and they're big enough for all of your bits and bobs. I've used mine for week long holidays too (I'm a light packer).

But mine doesn't have woodland creatures on it. There's no pictures of deer or bunnies or butterflies on mine. Obviously I need an upgrade, right? Yes. Most definitely.


  1. OMG If any of those thing were any more disgusting.

  2. Well, that was a really insightful comment, Anon. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Well, aren't you a charming little snowflake anonymous?

  4. Well, I love it - especially if it lasts years. And I really do need a weekend bag! I've been making do with shovelling everything into a battered rucksack.

  5. I think it's lovely. I'm currently using a very old and battered corduroy bag that I had as a 'school bag' when I was at uni (so it's got to be eight or nine years old) and I could really do with a smart new weekend bag! And oh look, I've got a birthday coming up...!

  6. Why isn't *my* birthday in Autumnn too??!!! Now I need to fabricate some other reason...

  7. Oh I love this :) I have to go into hospital for the umpteenth time very soon and I probably don't need another overnight bag but I'm buying this anyway because it'll cheer me up.

    (Not the same anon as above. Obv. ;) )


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