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Thursday 16 September 2010

Outfit Pick: H&M Online

The lovely Frances has already told you about H&M's home range (lovely, I want everything please). But it's impossible for me to not get excited about cheap clothes available online. H&M sometimes feels a bit like shopping in the sale, a bit grubby, a bit of a mess. But there's some yummy stuff if you're willing to hunt. Of course, you guys read Domestic Sluttery because we do all the hunting for you. So I've tracked down my favourite thing in the new online shop today.

And that's this autumn outfit (partially to do with just how damn sexy the model looks). NOT the leggings. Pretend the leggings are ribbed tights and all will be fine. I don't think there will ever be a time I recommend leather look leggings to anyone. But yes please to the cosycomfysnuggly cardi, matched with the perfectly romantic flowy dress. Double yes to both of them together. Even with the leather belt, this outfit will set you back less than £45. Really! Exciting!

This outfit is from H&M's Autumn range, and you can see more of their yummy clothes in their (actually easy to navigate) online shop. Just please avoid anything leather-look and skin tight.

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