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Monday 6 September 2010

Mirror, Mirror: Lapeng Crafts Stamp Collage

The £100 price tag on this stamp collage mirror seems a little steep to me, but the design is so effective I'd be tempted to try my hand at recreating it at home. There's something old-fashioned and romantic about stamps, maybe because they make me think of love letters and postcards from exotic destinations. But if the idea of breaking out the scissors, scrapbook and PVA glue isn't so appealing to you, you can buy this ready-made version from Lapeng Crafts on Bouf.


  1. Woah! That looks awfully like a £1 mirror from IKEA to me, that can easily be covered with a sheet of scrapbook paper with a vintage stamp design on it (less than £1), or covered with PVA glue and a bag of used, world stamps (maybe £5).
    They're certainly making a good profit!

  2. Agree, it's pretty but too expensive.

    Also I think the mirror size is too small to be at all practical.

  3. Dear Domestic Sluttery,

    There was a mistake with the pricing for this product in Bouf site. The correct price is £76 as in our own website

    Our apologies,

    Lapeng Crafts


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